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Kóny,  85-ös főútvonal 17. km-nél


József, Csikai the owner of Diana Restaurant welcomes his honourable guests!

Let me introduce the place that you have graced with your presence in a few sentences. I started my enterprise with the help of my family in 1989 here, in the parking place of Kóny along the Highway 85 connecting Gyor and Sopron. The small grocery has been developed ever since, and the foundations of our restaurant were laid in November 1993, and finally it was opened in April next year. Our main aim is to provide our guests with fast and accurate service as well as to fulfil their requirements at a high level. We are happy to receive our returning guests which can prove that we have succeeded in our goal.


Our restaurant is surrounded with Rábaköz, Tóköz and Hanság from the western direction, which is a natural conservation area of 250 hectares, part of the Ferto-Hanság National Park. Our territory has always been famous for its rich stock of game in the woods and plentiful fields as well as the hunts organised here. Hungarian game has been an "evergreen ingredient" in the Hungarian cuisine for centuries. We hoped to fill a gap by offering a wide variety of game dishes on our menu. We are at our guests assistance to provide unique fish, game and roasted dishes, furthermore home-made specialities. Besides, we can offer meals conforming to the European cuisine. If you have a special wish, we shall try to fulfil it.

We were guided by traditions when choosing the name of our restaurant. We decided to name our restaurant Diana, because she is the patron saint of wild animals and protector of woods and fields, whose sacred animals are fawns and deer. She has always remained the goddess of heavenly powers of life.

I hope, that our guests can choose a dish according to their tastes, and shall not be disappointed after having consumed them. If you are satisfied, tell your friends and acquaintances, if you have any problems, please tell our staff.


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